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Hello there :)

Hey everyone, I'm new here!

My name is Bree and I'm 15 years old. I live in North Hollywood, California and I just like to have fun. I'll try almost anything once. I'm just free spirited and outgoing in the best way possible :)

Here are some pictures for you so you can see what I look like!

I love to play around with my makeup :)

Me being weird with my weird hat!

Smirky :)

My favorite hoody ever

I just thought I would throw in some pictures of me and my best friend in the world, Susana!!

Here we are

She loves me hehe

Smiles :D

Us being weird haha

and thats it! Please comment, I want to here what you think! And feel free to add me as your friend on LJ. My journal is friends only, and I'm always looking to make new friends!

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