.c.u.n.t. (myveloria) wrote in freakette_land,

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mod podge

haha, yeah, my ftj advertisement. what a whore for comercialism!

i'm bored, so i uploaded some photos.
so bored.. i'm watching pokemon.
i never thought it would come to this.

in my bed. half naked. feel free to vomit.

there are living organisms in my hair. cant you tell?

come to papa

in chris's car

ewww cooties!

wow. i'm engulfed.. by my own devices.
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...no vomitting - only jaw dropping and lots of *rowls*

....see, this is terrible - everytime I see pics in here, I want to draw the people I see pics of.

Wanna be drawn?

wow i like your work alot
(and i love serial experiments lain aswell)

and of course you can draw me :D no one has ever drawn me before.

thanks for the compliment love.
your art is magnificent.
hah if people dont vomit seeing me half naked i dont think you have anything to fear :)
lovely :)
the 4th pic is my fave.