Don't worry, i'm a professional. (bizarrely_kim) wrote in freakette_land,
Don't worry, i'm a professional.

My name is kim and I'm new here, so I will tell you all about myself

I live in encino, california and i'm 15 years old
heres a picture I took of myself yesterday (im sick and I look sad in the picture)

I'm with my bear noodles, ive had him since I was 1 years.

This picture was taken this summer, im posing in front of a goat, ooo la la!

and heres a picture of my favorite skirt, I like it because its poofy and polka dotted :)

I posed with a gorilla here, I tend to do strange things when my camera is with me, actually even when my camera isnt with me

and finally, heres a picture of me when I wear my red lipstick

im a big picture whore, I just love taking pictures of everything and anything.

If you want to add me to your friends list go ahead! I love friends.
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