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So a friend and I have been talking for a while now about how much fun it would be to have a Street Fashion Website where we post our latest photos of locals with great and out-of-the-ordinary fashions... Along with letting people send in their own photos, we wanted a fashion of the day photo... which would be taken by us of various people off the street. (...all like FRUiTS style...)

We wanted to walk around the city and take photos of people who have good fashions and post it with their fashion profiles on our website. We'd walk up to people who we thought had cool clothes, tell them how much we liked their outfits or whatever and ask to take their photograph along with asking a few little survey style questions and asking for an aliase to post their image with on the site.

Now, something like this could be a bit dangerous we don't want to offend or piss anyone off nor do we want to ruin their day or get our legs broken... so I've been asking around at various fashion related livejournals and on forums on the internet to see what the general census on the matter is... so if you guys wouldn't mind replying with your opinions on the matter, that'd be awesome! THANKS!

How would you feel if someone came up to you on the street or in the mall or whatever and asked to take a photograph of you, explaining it is for a Street Fashion website?

(a) Annoyed: "You're wasting my time!!"
(b) Weirded Out: "You need a life!"
(c) Offended: "WTF is strange about my clothes!?"
(d) Intruiged: "Where can I access this website?"
(e) Amused: "Of course you can! How do you want me to pose?"
(f) Angry: "Scram, idiot, before I break your knee-caps!"
(g) Other: your own comment ^.^

NEXT Question:
What would your answer actually be if someone asked to take your photograph for a Street Fashion website??

(a) NO!!: "Stay away from me, freak"
(b) No: "I don't wany my photo on the internet"
(c) Why not?: "What harm can it do?"
(d) Only if I can take a photo of you!!: "Haha, you'll go on my 'stupid' wall"
(e) Yes: "That'll be fun!!"
(f) Other: there any other sort of responce!? O.o;;

STUPID question: How should we dress when we go out approaching people?

(b) Go naked
(c) Normal
(d) Your strangest outfit ever!
(g) Formal
(h) Does it matter??

FINAL Question: Do you think this is a good idea? Or are we destined to have our knee-caps shattered!?

(a) Good Idea!
(b) Its a Fun Idea... just wear KneePads and ShinGuards!
(c) When the Smoke Clears, you?ll know the true answer... YOU CRACK ADDICT, YOU!
(d) No, probably a dumb idea
(e) Who?d visit the website, anyway!?
(f) Website idea is good... maybe only let people submit their own photos, though.

Hahaha... you REALLY don't have to answer these questions in Multiple Choice form! Just your input will do nicely, and any other comments you have on the topic would do nicely... I'm just a little crazy-insane!

(please check out my livejournal for the flyer/wavier thingy Im trying to write up... and comment on what should be changed... how its bad, good... etc. THANKS)
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