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you are beautiful, so adorable and cute but JA you are so fucKing // alternative

::<0</b>re here>>
[street, punk, gok, prissy, pop, retro, oriental.. anything that you are, just don't be fake]

FreakEtte LanD RULES //

1. In your first post, include a photo of yourself, piercings, tattoos, your fashion, hair, makeup, anything about you that you appreciate and makes you an alternative individual. an introduction firstly.

2. No Yes or No voting taken here, everyone is welcomed with a stamp. so don't lurk and be afraid. you're welcome here to photowh0re. just be yourself [duhfucks]

3. Photos must be an image source on the community, photos which are linked to your journal or to your website are not allowed. pictures need not be lj-cutted, except for images over 70k in size. Use the lj-cut for photos over 70k. If this rule isn't followed, then it will take the site too long to load and make it chug, therefore the posting criminal having their post deleted and given a warning.

example of a GOOD sized photo:

4. We're all different and your honesty is very much appreciated. any FLAMING of a person is not tolerated here. If you're found flaming anyone with beyond negative comments, which aren't constructive negative comments you will be banned no questions asked.

5. This community is not for egotistical superiority, but to celebrate your uniqueness for being an individual. If you don't like it here, you don't have an obligation to join. [duh]

6. Individually going into people's journals to flame them also is not be tolerated. If the moderator hears of such things, expect to have your IP logged, become banned and the refering matter sent to LJ abuse.

7. At the moment, commenting as a non member IS allowed.

8. Prentending to be a maintainer = banned

9. Violation of these rules will cause you to be banned, unless a valid reason for your actions is given.

10. When you are member, you are allowed to post pictures, but they must be only of yourself and no one else. you're being watched.

moderator - 35
maintainer - usagi629

[respect the mizz digi and maintainers, and if you'd like to become a maintainer email me]

DANKe FucKING ScHoEN x x x